Gartenbista " Garden " Cutting down trees – permission required?

Chainsaw in use

Trees in the garden are not uncommon: they border a plot of land or stand solitary in the middle of the lawn or bed, where they provide shade, produce fruit or simply offer a beautiful sight. Now, however, sometimes the day comes when the garden owner wants to get rid of one or the other tree, whether because it has become too old, takes up too much space or no longer forms fruit. He courageously reaches for the chainsaw, but the question arises: Is he allowed to do that?? Are you allowed to cut down trees in your own garden?

Do you need a permit to cut down trees in the garden – Gartenbista clarifies:

In everyday business, you have to deal with very different people. If you have to address a person with a doctorate in business letters in German, this generally does not pose any major problems. However, if the form of address in correspondence has to be in English, many questions arise. Is it called Dear Mr. Dr. Smith or Dear Dr. Mrs. Smith or must use a completely different academic title of office? At this point we clarify the question of the correct letter salutation in the English language

The use of the doctoral title in German

In German, the doctorate is strictly speaking not one of the titles, but one of the academic degrees. Colloquially, it is nevertheless usually used as a title.

The doctor is correctly indicated with the corresponding subject title, for example: "Dr. med." (Doctor of Medicine" or "Dr. jur." (Doctor of Law). In business letters, however, this technical designation is omitted. In this case, one simply writes "Dear Madam" in the personal salutation. Dr. Muller."In the letterhead, however, the title of the doctorate should appear next to the address.

If the cat suddenly pees in bed can have the most diverse causes.
Illness, stress as well as problems with the cat litter box can be the reason for this.

In this 1. In this article on the subject of cat (un)cleanliness, we will look for clues and suggest initial solutions.

Cats are considered to be the cleanest and cleanest pets of all. Therefore, many owners first assume a protest behavior when the cat pees in the bed. However, super dose know: The behavior can have many different reasons. Fact is: cats pee in bed when something is wrong. Not out of boredom or because they are "naughty" are. It is therefore important to investigate the cause of the problem, so that the correct solution can be found. At the same time, you should avoid getting angry at all costs, because that won’t help you or your cat. On the contrary – if her human is angry, it can cause additional stress to the cat and even aggravate the problem. Therefore, forbearance and affectionate handling of the house cat is the top priority. To even punish the cat would not only be inappropriate, but also completely pointless, as is clear to every super-dosi. Cats cannot make the connection between the wet spot on the bed and punishment.

No matter if it is the first, second, third or already fourth child. If it has a fever, parents are always worried: Where does it come from?? What does it mean? What if the little one gets a febrile seizure??

And most importantly, how do we get the elevated temperature back under control as quickly as possible? Or better yet down? In order to take away a little of the horror of fever, we have compiled the 10 most important facts on the subject at this point.

1. Fever helps the body to heal itself

Fever, derived from the Latin "febris" – "heat", describes the increased core body temperature. When children have a fever, their bodies are usually defending themselves against pathogens or foreign substances that have entered the body.

You don’t catch anything when the wind blows from the east! When it rains the fish bite! There is a lot of fishing wisdom about the weather. Bernd Brink describes how much truth there is behind it. Our author believes that in many cases it depends on the right approach, because doing the same thing in every weather condition is not guaranteed to bring lasting success.

1 | When it rains the fish bite!

Countless times I have heard this. Especially from non-fishermen. I do not know how this folk wisdom came about. Rain can encourage fish to feed. After a hot spell, it brings oxygen into the water. Hanging trees above water, rain flushes insects into the waters. The fish know that. The same goes for enemas. But the
Fish are usually caught after the rain. During the precipitation I rarely got a bite. Fish don’t seem to like rain. This is especially true for long-lasting, steady rain, the so-called "land rain". In some cases it was so clear that the bites only occurred during short breaks in the rain.

I have two guesses why rain has a negative effect. First, the noise. Fish can hear well, noise is simply unpleasant to them. My second guess has to do with the sideline organ. With this remote sense of touch, fish can register pressure waves, z. B. when another fish swims by. You can use it to orient yourself and see an obstacle in the distance. When a lot of raindrops hit the water, there are countless pressure waves that disturb the sideline organ. The orientation is limited and above all an approaching enemy can be recognized more badly. I am convinced that this is why the fish stay in their safe shelter instead of going in search of food. When it rains
I therefore fish deeper, here I still get occasional bites. In very shallow waters the bite indicators are usually silent.

The public and experts understand the term as Professor not only as prestigious, but moreover as an expression of outstanding professional and technical competence. The professorship and thus also the abbreviation "prof." in front of the name is therefore also used specifically to increase income, according to the Higher Administrative Court for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, decision of 18. December 2019 – 19 B 5/19 -, juris.

The decision

The applicant in the proceedings should pay a coercive. Between May and June 2018, he had published on his website the designation "Prof." led. However, the responsible Ministry of Culture and Science had already prohibited him from doing so in 2015 by issuing a corresponding basic decree. The applicant had violated this prohibition.

The applicant wanted to defend himself with the objection, "he, as an ‘absolute IT layman’, had no knowledge of this fact and the use of the designation "Prof." was not permitted.The applicant’s claim that the "lack of compliance" is solely due to the – not attributable to him – breach of duty of his IT service provider, who, contrary to his (the applicant’s) instructions, apparently did not revise the Internet presence in accordance with the requirements of the MKW NRW"(loc. cit. 4). The Higher Administrative Court did not accept this defense from him. The judges based their decision on § 7 para. 1 TMG reference and thus at the content responsibility of the applicant as operator.

In the event of an unexpected braking maneuver, every meter is crucial in determining whether an accident is avoided or not. Find here the braking distance formula and case studies for distances until the car stands still.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, about 2.6 million traffic accidents occur on Germany’s roads every year. Often the own reaction time or the actual braking distance was underestimated. Drivers learn what these values mean in driving school, but calculating them is a mystery to many road users. clarifies in the following article, what is behind the terms and provides you with an exclusive calculator, which calculates stopping distance as well as reaction and braking distance after the input of the speed. We also explain the braking distance formula, the reaction distance fist formula and the stopping distance fist formula.

You are still unsure when your baby will come? If you notice the following signs of birth, it will be soon.

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When the birth begins? Signs, contractions& Co. shortly before the birth

More than 17.400 people were injured in so-called alcohol accidents in Germany in 2019. 228 people died. That is 7.5 percent of all fatally injured road users.

Even small amounts of alcohol have a fatal effect on the ability to drive. Therefore, a simple rule applies when you are driving a car, riding a motorcycle, an e-scooter or a bicycle: No alcohol in road traffic!

Alcohol impairs fitness to drive

While you may feel you are still fit to drive after a glass of wine or two bottles of beer, this impression is deceptive. Because alcohol acts like a narcotic in the body. And the more alcohol you consume, the more noticeable the consequences:

So you are ready to sell your home. And it’s a haunted house. The problem is you fear it should have been the real thing American Horror Story Murder House. If you’ve experienced voodoo in your home, finding the right buyers for it could also prove difficult. But you may not need to disclose the seriousness of the haunted vibe you’ve been feeling. Here’s what you need to know if you want to sell your creepy digs.

1. Find out if you’re really dealing with a haunted house

Is it just paranoia? | rossandgaffney / iStock / Getty Images