Do you take in the school also straight in German the essay type report by? And maybe this will even be the topic of your next German class assignment? Or you are in middle school and you have to do an internship and write a report about it afterwards?

No matter what class you are in, or what your motivation was to click on this article, here you will learn what types of reports there are, and how to write a good report!

In school it is the essay or book interpretation, in college the next upcoming term paper shocks students of any discipline. At the latest, if teacher or professor as an examination performance one day the production of a Essays often finally the question marks circle over the heads of pupils and students. The term essay sounds enormous and unfamiliar – but in the end it is mainly ignorance about this text form that causes the greatest uncertainty. But don’t worry: it’s not witchcraft to discuss a particular topic in an essay – as long as you know some basic things regarding the Language style and the Structure pays attention. For an essay is actually a relatively simple and free form of presenting a topic, no matter how scholarly or difficult it may sound. At essay writing is primarily about writing a personal statement on the topic of the assignment, answering the question in your own words, and justifying your own point of view.

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Apparently, for some people, giving a speech is!

The fear of giving a public speech has its own term: Glossophobia.

You can understand this fear when you think about someone who is still learning English and has to give a speech or presentation in English.

Application to the university

"How to apply to a university? How does the application to the university work" – to make generally valid statements on these questions or. finding answers is somewhat difficult, since very individual requirements, deadlines and contents are demanded by the different colleges and universities for each degree program. Nevertheless, there are some rags and facts, which are to be generally considered.

What are the dates and deadlines for applying to the university or to the university?. Universities?

First of all, you should clarify in which semester the desired course of study is offered. The vast majority of all degree programs begin in Winter semester. However, there are also some exceptions. This depends on the respective university and the corresponding course of study. This information can be easily obtained from the respective university or researched on the website. As a rule, the application procedure for New high school graduates in principle for a winter semester from 15. April to 15. July and for a summer semester from 15. October until 15. January. Old high school graduates have one month less time.

If the employment requires the autobiography, the work sample is required, taking into account the generally accepted requirements for documents of this type, but in each case the content and style of writing, depending on where the paper was required.

Since the free representation of personal data implies difficulties with data systematization and concession ability, it is recommended to use a sample for autobiography, work or in an educational institution, public service, etc.

General rules for writing

In order not to be confused with a reflection of thoughts in a biographical help, it is recommended to consider the highlights of the creation of the autobiography, and how to write information about your life in the right light.

Instead of suffering through a learning marathon just before a class test, your child should regularly repeat the important learning material for a few minutes – be it with sofatutor videos or – a bit more elaborate – with flashcards. Why? When we learn something new, we only retain it for a short time. Our brain processes thousands of impressions all day long. In the process, it forgets everything that it considers unimportant. With regular short repetitions, your child makes it clear to his brain, "This information must be stored for the long term." So it is perfectly prepared for the class work.

Tip 4: Develop a positive attitude towards the subject

Your child understands z. B. not how to find physics exciting? Then it probably just hasn’t found the right approach yet.

Once you have found the university of your choice and the right field of study, the next step is the application process. What is the first thing to organize? By when do the application documents have to be submitted to the host university?? To whom should the application be addressed and who decides on admission?? Many applicants have these and similar questions running through their minds.

In the USA Matter for each individual university and its Departments about the nature of the How to determine the best application process, Set application deadlines and define admission criteria. There is no standard application procedure for studying in the USA.

Nevertheless, certain common features can be noted for the individual study types with regard to the application process for studies in the USA.

Pull the two rubber bands on the right and left over the short sides of a cutting board, leaving a few centimeters of space between them and the edge.

Now place two flummis on the inside of each rubber band, as shown in the picture below.

All information on the situation at schools in Baden-Wurttemberg in the Corona pandemic.

Archive photo: Alexander Rechner

Stuttgart. (dpa/lsw) The omicron wave leads to a rapid increase in the number of corona at schools in the southwest, the result is lesson cancellations and high stress in the teaching colleges. Compared to last fall, the number of infection cases at schools in Baden-Wurttemberg has increased tenfold, said Gerhard Brand, state head of the Association for Education and Training (VBE). According to the Ministry of Education, 946 school classes remained at home on Tuesday due to corona. A week earlier there were 607 classes. The VBE state leader hopes that the situation will calm down in March.