Facial recognition technology makes many areas of life more convenient. People can now verify their identity without a password or fingerprint. These technologies allow masses of people to enter buildings without keys or easily get through airport security. But as with any other privacy technology, fraudsters target facial recognition through spoofing.

The consequences of a successful facial recognition spoofing attack are often quite severe. Hackers can gain unauthorized access to secure buildings, homes or facilities. Perpetrators can easily get in and out without even picking a lock. Consequences range from theft of confidential data to sabotage of critical systems and infrastructure.

Aldi has opened its first cashierless store in London. Under the name of Shop& Go you can shop by app in the Greenwich district since mid-January.

Aldi Shop& Go

245-247 Greenwich High Road
SE10 8NB, London

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Four exercises you should know if muscle building is your goal in exercise

Exercises like squats and lugging weights are sometimes disregarded in training because they seem too simple.

But fitness trainers say the most underrated exercises are often among the most effective for building muscle.

Data quality expert: Paul Dietrich, Collibra

Paul Dietrich, Collibra Collibra

By Paul Dietrich, Collibra

Related to mindmapping, but not entirely the same, is the creative brainstorming method of clustering. While a mind map already systematically arranges the upper and lower categories, clustering lacks this structuring component. Clustering is more about free association. That’s why clusters are often less ramified and more simply designed than mindmaps. For this purpose, the terms that are around the keyword in the middle can also be linked together here.

You must decide for yourself which method is best suited for your particular purpose. Generally, clustering is used for free, creative brainstorming. Mindmaps, on the other hand, are used to develop ideas as well as to structure and visually represent topics. Also presentations in the context of a lecture are well illustrated by a mind map.

Mind mapping and memory training. Overview.

Mind Mapping for Dummies (Fur Dummies)

Mind Mapping

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Due to its intense color, the blue treecreeper immediately catches the eye. It is also known as the blue poison dart frog. Not only the appearance makes the tropical frog a popular terrarium animal. If you are thinking about keeping a blue treecat, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind. What is important in the care of blue tree climbers, you can learn here.

PROFILE Blue Woodcreeper

In a DDoS attack, a hacker gains control of a network of multiple Internet-connected computers, including IoT devices. A malware infection turns hacked machines into bots, with a group of bots forming a botnet (sometimes called a zombie network). Hackers controlling botnets remotely, for example, for clickbaiting, spamming or bitcoin mining. In a DDos attack, botnets are used to send requests to a targeted system, especially web servers. All about hackers on CIO.de

A large number of requests overloads the capacity of the target network or server, resulting in a denial of service for normal/legitimate traffic. Preventive measures include u.a. Increasing bandwidth, building redundant infrastructure, configuring network infrastructure to identify and prevent DDoS traffic, securing DNS servers, and deploying DDoS protection systems.