With basic craftsmanship, anyone can build their own DIY cleaning robot.

I show you how to build a cleaning robot yourself. Handmade and 100% the way you want it. All you need are some manual skills, an Adruino and a soldering iron.

It sounds phantatistic, yet it is meant to be real: A 25-year, more than 75-million-euro British-American research program is now investigating the possibility of regrowing amputated human limbs, such as an arm or leg, in the not-too-distant future.

British soccer legend Sir Bobby Charlton is raising funds for groundbreaking research through the "Find a better way" charity project. They are intended to benefit war wounded in particular. Charlton set up the project after visiting minefields in Cambodia in 2011.

In condensing technology, almost 100 percent of the energy of the fuel (oil, gas or wood) is recycled by making the waste heat usable.

In principle, the condensing boiler "recycles" the exhaust gases that would be drawn into the chimney. This results in more heating energy, so that in the end you have to heat less. Here we show you whether and why it is worth switching to a condensing boiler and what else you need to consider in addition to costs.

Table of contents

Introduction to the condensing boiler

The condensing boiler is probably the last evolutionary step in conventional gas and oil heating systems, as well as in wood heating systems, because the optimum utilization of the fuels already permits utilization rates of over 100 percent. This works by harnessing the exhaust gases, unlike a low-temperature or standard boiler, so that the heat generated can be used for heating.In addition, it scores well in terms of acquisition costs (gas condensing boilers from 6.000 euros, oil condensing boiler from 3.000 euros) is comparatively inexpensive.

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Portrait of Raiko Thal

Elderly man holds in-ear hearing aid to ear canal (Image: unsplash/Mark Paton)

dpa | 01.02.2022, 2:30 p.m. Deutsche Bahn has ordered 30 ICE 3neo trains from Siemens, which are to be delivered from the end of 2022 onwards.

Deutsche Bahn is adding to its long-distance fleet: The group has ordered more than 40 additional ICE 3 trains from train manufacturer Siemens. The main aim is to make the trains more comfortable for passengers.

Get started with us in a growing, future-oriented industry. Drive DeVilbiss always puts people first. This refers not only to Drive DeVilbiss’ customers, but also to our employees. Where tradition and consistency meet innovation and change.

We are a global player in the field of medical technology and offer a wide range of aids in the areas of bathrooms, mobility, respiratory therapy and homecare. Through your work, you make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life for others every day. We support our employees individually in their personal and professional development and offer everyone the chance to contribute thanks to flat hierarchies.

With us you will be in contact with colleagues, clients and business partners from all over the world. Our team is well-connected and works together around the globe. At 5 locations worldwide, Drive DeVilbiss International relies on flat hierarchies, a high level of co-determination and great development potential. Become part of our multicultural team!

If you are planning to cut down a tree on your own, you should some precautions should be taken in advance become. Precise planning in advance is very important to ensure the safety of all people involved and passers-by.

First you have to clarify, whether and at what time of year you start felling trees may. As a rule, felling work must be carried out between the 30. September and the 1. March be done so as not to endanger the nesting and breeding sites of native birds. In addition, certain tree species are protected and may only be felled with explicit permission. You can get more detailed information and individual advice at the relevant regulatory office in your municipality.

If you have finally received the permit, you will need a appropriate protective clothing and equipment. Below is a guide on how to safely cut down a tree.

Last week I told you a lot about the adidas Ultraboost, its technology, its history and the different models. Maybe one or the other of you has noticed that I am a big fan of these sneakers. I myself have a few pairs of these cozy shoes at home in my shoe rack and one thing I can say – they are rocked almost daily! With this adidas Ultraboost review, I’d like to tell you why I’m such a big fan of the model and in what situations I like to wear them the most.

My recommendation: Stay with it until the end. Because in the end we have some pretty cool info for you guys. But first to the adidas Ultraboost Review – let’s go! ?

How it all began

My great passion has always been sport. Already as a child I did a lot of sports and tried out many different sports. Dresses, skirts or high heels you will find in my closet rather less. But instead ripped jeans, sweatpants and lots of sneakers, because these create the perfect everyday sporty look for me.

Simulated black hole M87

They are still a great mystery and it is incredibly complicated to understand what lies behind them even rudimentarily: black holes. "The Science Reporters" have nevertheless dared to tackle this exciting topic in this episode precisely for this reason – we want to explain it as comprehensibly as possible.

"The phone number you have dialed is not in use …" – This may be the reason – When dialing a number with a mobile or landline phone, in some cases you get an error message instead of a connection. Very often one gets then only three beeps and the announcement that the desired call number is not assigned. This can be very annoying. So asks a user at GuteFrage exemplary for this problem:

…I have been trying to call my friend on his cell phone for the past 1 hour. But they keep saying that the dialed number is not in service. What is the reason? Have checked the mobile number several times, it is 100% correct. Did he turn off the cell phone, take out the sim card or is he in a dead zone? I hope someone can give me the answer =/…

And another user writes in the forum of O2: