5 tips for more concentration in the exam phase

Do you know that? You are sitting at your desk and are trying to read through something for the hundredth time.

But it just won’t get into your brain!!

With the heeding of some small behavior rules in the household several hundred euro can be saved annually. We have collected ten tips that can be easily implemented. In addition, you can find out here how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home by using small tricks and the energy-saving potential of split air-conditioning systems and modern ventilation systems.

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Cover letter . what must go in? In addition to the correct structure, an interesting and convincing application text is crucial to stand out from competitors. In addition, eye-catchers can be used to make the employer curious about you.

Tips, examples as well as sample cover letters for your successful application

When smoking CBD, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of the experience. If you value safe consumption of your hemp flowers, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s what to look for when smoking CBD and why it’s the most effective way to consume it. We also give you tips on how to reduce the health risks of smoking cannabis to a minimum.

Delivery at the desired time possible, you can determine the desired time in the checkout. For orders delivered with DHL desired delivery time, an additional service fee will be brechnet.

Deliveries are possible within Germany. Actual shipping costs are displayed on the product detail page and in the shopping cart and are always calculated in the most favorable way for you.

Heavy products are delivered by a forwarding agency. Part of the service is that the carrier will contact you before delivery to arrange a suitable delivery date. Delivery is free to the curb.

You want to surprise your boyfriend, but you don’t know how to do it? To make your loved one happy, there are countless possibilities. The most important thing: take into account his wishes and preferences. The following article gives you some advice and tips on how to make a surprise for your friend unforgettable.

Picture shows girlfriend with a surprise for her boyfriend

Little surprises keep the love going – you show that you care about him, © 4 PM production / shutterstock

"Why don’t you prepare a draft yourself." This request is heard again and again by employees who have asked for a job reference from their superiors. When bosses are too busy or haven’t been in the department long, sometimes employees have to – or are allowed to – write their own appraisal.

For employees, this is not infrequently a burden, because they do not know how confidently they can appear. There is also the risk of including annoying mistakes out of ignorance – or of writing an unintentionally negative evaluation. Thereby the possibility to write the reference itself holds an enormous chance – if the following aspects are considered.

| E-mail communication has now taken on a central role in dental practices – both internally and externally. Tasks are delegated to colleagues, orders are sent to cooperation partners – such as laboratories – and patients are reminded of upcoming appointments. When writing emails, however, CFAs should follow several rules about content, structure and style. There is more to consider than you think! |

Emails are here to stay

E-mail as a communication tool is firmly established in the practice: In 2005, around 50.000 medical professionals have an email account, the number has increased to about 140 in 2008.000 tripled. In 2011, a good 143 used.500 of physicians in Germany use this instrument for internal and external communication – according to an analysis result of ArztData GmbH, Hamburg.

The advantages are obvious: e-mails reach the recipient quickly, are inexpensive and do not require time to be processed. You can use them to make appointments with patients, to remind them of existing appointments or for the recall. And if you file e-mails carefully, you can always keep track of the communication.

Gaming should be a fun and positive experience for everyone involved. But some individuals spoil the art of gaming with an attitude that makes it difficult for others to enjoy their favorite games. We know these people as toxic gamers, and they are the biggest problem in gaming, especially when it comes to online multiplayer games.

No one likes a toxic gamer, but how do you know when you’re turning into one? Watch out for these nine behaviors.

At some point, every young woman gets to the age where she no longer wants to leave the house without makeup on. There is nothing wrong with a discreet make-up, without the youngsters being "painted" looks. Simple makeup tips can help you avoid gross makeup mistakes and bring your teen’s visual assets to the forefront. When buying make-up for children, there are a number of additional things that need to be taken into account in order not to endanger children’s sensitive skin. We reveal to you what children, teenagers and parents should pay attention to when it comes to the first make-up.

From which age girls should be allowed to put on make-up?

Those who avoid typical beginner’s mistakes and go for a natural look – especially at school – can already at a young age wear the first make-up.