That moment when you get your hair cut with conviction and already regret it a few days later. Or you would like to let your hair grow long, but it becomes thinner and more brittle in the tips, so that only the visit to the hairdresser remains. We have started a survey in missAPP on the subject of "What prevents you from letting your hair grow long?? ". About 3.000 missAPP users have voted and here is the result: over 600 participants complain about too much split ends. So that this does not happen to you from now on, we have collected 3 tips for you!

1. Oils for the hair

Castor oil, coconut oil and rosemary oil are among the best oils to stimulate your hair growth and provide it with the care it needs. Castor oil stimulates growth and also has an antibacterial effect, which protects your scalp from infections. Coconut oil is especially good if you have a protein deficiency, as it consists mainly of fatty acids, which can also penetrate the hair itself. Rosemary oil is a little star among oils: it stimulates hair growth by dilating blood vessels and stimulating cell division – this can create new hair roots. In addition, rosemary oil is also said to protect against hair loss and dandruff!

If you enjoy fish, you can’t avoid the subject of "fish shelf life". Because despite all the enjoyment, we must not forget that the oceans are overfished and that industrial fish farming often places a heavy burden on nature. When eating fish, you should make sure that as little of it as possible ends up in the garbage. By the way, this not only protects the lakes, oceans, rivers and natural resources, but also your own wallet – because good fish is usually not the cheapest. Sustainable fish enjoyment begins with the purchase. If you take care not to buy too much, you automatically have less surplus. Then, if you know how to store your fish properly, you won’t have to throw anything away and you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

Store fresh fish

You want to store fresh fish – for example, because you have planned a fish dinner with the whole family, but unfortunately your wife will be home from work later than expected today. Now the question is, how do you store the fish until an opportunity arises to make up for the meal together?. Basically: due to the special protein composition, fish and mussels unfortunately spoil particularly quickly. However, you can still store fresh seafood in the refrigerator for one day. You should make sure that fish or mussels are packed airtight – the EMSA fresh-keeping tins are ideal for this purpose.

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Die besten Tricks für Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2013 still forms the backbone of mail management in many organizations. But many a home user also manages their digital mail with Outlook 2013. Get more out of the popular Office 2013 mail client with our ten selected and tried-and-tested tips and tricks. And also save time in the hard work routine.

Tip 1: Receive mails

Downloading mails from individual mail accounts is possible in Outlook 2013 without problems möglich

Proposed solution:
The smoke column or. Molasses catcher together with stuck head adapter in or under hot water hold, for 1-2 min. Then try to pull off the adapter carefully.
Do not worry Ocean Hookah smoke columns or. Molasses catchers are made of borosilicate lab glass and can withstand the heat.
Exception : Ocean Hookah ONE crystal glass smoke columns with the sticker "Hand Made in Czech Rep." As well as all bowls do not tolerate hot water and are sensitive to rapid and violent temperature changes! If you are unsure whether your item is meant, write to us via the support contact form.

This scenario can be easily avoided. Before you put the head on the head adapter, take the head adapter with the charcoal plate off in your hand and put the head on the head adapter only then. So no pressure is exerted on the grindings.
It is also recommended to use 29/2 ground joint protectors resp. for metal columns 18/8 ground joint protector.

One day consists of 86,400 seconds. This is one of them.

Approach anxiety: "I would like to meet a woman. But I’m afraid of bothering her if I approach her. And anyway.. Women don’t like to flirt anyway."

Are these your beliefs? Then you probably suffer from response anxiety.

Someone is holding a lock symbol in their hands

Hate messages, threats and intimate data circulate unfiltered and unprotected on the Internet: Here, any person can become an unintentional victim. Even what you once uploaded to the Internet can catch up with you a year later when it is republished by others. So-called data leaks (i.e. the publication of data that is not actually intended for the general public) do not always have to be the result of hacker attacks. Info can also be gathered from multiple public sources such as websites or social media profiles.

Scraping: mining publicly available data

Scraping is the term for this, which is linked to "mining" can be translated as. Data is systematically collected and stored with the help of programming code. In this way z.B. from the career network LinkedIn the data of 500 million members "sucked" and have been offered for sale online by the beginning of April 2021. Also 1.3 million user data from the controversial app Clubhouse are said to have been copied and offered for sale. A good week earlier, information on 533 million Facebook users had already been published on the Internet.

Myth fat burning At what pace you burn the most fat?

Trying running to lose weight is a good idea – provided you need it in the first place. If you manage to exercise regularly, weight loss success is very likely. But the whole thing has little to do with "fat burning" at least not in the sense that you might think, because you have heard or read about it before. In the following, we will thoroughly dispel the myth and explain what is involved in "fat burning" really in the body happens and/or. what it serves at all.

The myth of fat burning

"Fat burning" in the actual sense is a completely normal physiological process, which runs almost permanently in our body: Fat from food is broken down into individual fatty acids in the course of digestion. Via the metabolism, these are then available to the body for Energy production available – for example for endurance sports.

However, the fat can also originate from the body’s own adipose tissue. This is certainly what most people mean when they talk about fat burning. The term sounds so dramatic that you can vividly imagine that your own fat pads will melt away like butter in the sun.

Gerhard Ammelburger is a screenwriter and writes for various TV series. We asked him about his career and had him explain to us how a career as a screenwriter works best.

"No master falls from the sky."

UNICUM: How did you come to your profession?? What did you do before?
Gerhard Ammelburger: I came to screenwriting relatively late in life. I was already 40! However, I had already worked in the television industry – first as an editor at ProSieben, then as an editor at a TV station Producer at ndF: (new german film company).

What kind of requirements does a screenwriter need to have for his job??
The same applies to screenwriting: No master falls from the sky. You need patience and perseverance to learn the craft. But in order to have something to talk about, the most important thing is: You have to be interested in people and not only in films.

The clearer your idea of the book you want to write, the easier it will be. That’s why you should start thinking about what you want to write early on: a novel, a biography, a book for young people, a children’s book or a non-fiction book?

If you don’t like to decide what kind of book you want to write, then you make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself. It’s hard enough to write a good novel as it is. It’s even harder to get a good mix of novel and nonfiction, or a good mix of biography and children’s book. In addition, a mix makes it harder to find readers. It’s a lot like a restaurant. If you want to offer a whole new mix of main dish and dessert, it’s hard enough to create a tasty new dish. But where to put it on the menu? About the desserts? Or for the main dishes? It will be even harder to convince people to pay money for a completely new and unexpectedly different creation.

Decide on your book
It’s similar with books: What you can’t clearly categorize is hard to accommodate and hard to sell. Of course, a mix is possible and mixtures of all kinds can be found on the book market. But if you’re a beginner and want to start with the hardest part of writing a book, think twice.