Writing a screenplay: 5 tips for aspiring writers'%

A captivating film is always based on a fantastic screenplay. But screenwriting has to be learned, so that an idea becomes a really good film in the end. We show you the most important basics and tips for a successful script.

Screenwriting: An art in itself

Not all writing is the same, and with a novel you proceed quite differently than with a screenplay. While with the former you write directly for your readership, with a screenplay you write for the eye. You write instructions, which the filmmakers implement. Already during the writing process it becomes apparent that you approach things differently.

Do you take in the school also straight in German the essay type report by? And maybe this will even be the topic of your next German class assignment? Or you are in middle school and you have to do an internship and write a report about it afterwards?

No matter what class you are in, or what your motivation was to click on this article, here you will learn what types of reports there are, and how to write a good report!

We are always trying to improve. That’s why we optimize our archives from time to time. Of course, we are careful to ensure backward compatibility.

What is an archive?

Backup programs save data in so-called "archives" (also "backup", "backup" or "image"). These are files in a specific file format that can usually only be read and written by the respective backup program. These files are stored together in an archive directory, which you can select as a destination during backup. Increments or differential subsequent backups are usually stored as subdirectories in this directory. Usually an archive contains one or more index files. In addition there are the files that contain the data itself in mostly compressed state. Normally the data is not stored in a single file, which would become very large and therefore unmanageable. The data archives are divided into several files. Normally these parts have a file size of 4 GB. The reason for this size is the limitation of the FAT32 file system, which was used to format most external hard disks in the past. But even today the partitioning is still recommended, because it makes the transfer of the archive over network connections safer and faster. For recovery, the index files are selected. At Paragon, these have the file name extension .pfi – no matter which archive format is used.

PBF format

PBF format in general

Our classic archive format was the PBF format. PBF stands for "Paragon Backup Format". It refers to the index file of the archive, which has the file name extension .pbf has.

When people think of money, they usually have cash in mind, i.e. banknotes and coins. Banknotes are bills. Coins are minted pieces of metal. They are both denominated in a specific amount ( face value ) in a specific currency. Since the beginning of 2002, the currency in Germany – as in the entire euro area – has been the euro. Coins complement banknotes for small payments. Your face value is generally higher than the metal value – so also with the euro coins. Such coins are called Scheidemunzen.

Euro cash is legal tender in the euro area

Euro banknotes are the only unrestricted legal tender in the euro area. Every creditor of a monetary claim must accept unlimited quantities of banknotes from the debtor in fulfillment of his claim, unless both parties have agreed otherwise by contract and statutory acceptance restrictions do not prevent this.

Corona news from the Allgau, Germany and the world: the right to a PCR confirmation test after a positive Corona rapid test could be omitted in the future, at least temporarily.

Picture: Bernd white brod, dpa

Rovaniemi. Santa Claus, as every Finnish child knows, actually lives on or in the mountain Korvatunturi. This is in the far north of Finland on the border with Russia. That’s how "Uncle Markus" told it on Finnish radio decades ago, and that’s how Mauri Kunnas painted it in his famous children’s book "Where Santa Claus Lives".

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

If the electricity bill is too high? With a few tips, you can find out where the biggest power guzzlers are in the house – and how to save energy.

Kassel- High electricity prices* are making consumers all over Germany tremble. To prevent the bill from skyrocketing even further, however, tenants or homeowners can keep a few things in mind on a day-to-day basis. An overview of which appliances are the biggest power guzzlers and how you can save energy and money with them.

In hardly any other country does electricity cost as much as in Germany. According to the comparison portal Verivox, consumers pay around 31.80 cents per kilowatt hour in Germany. By comparison, in our neighboring country, the Netherlands, the price is just 16.5 cents per kilowatt hour. In addition, prices continue to rise. In the past twelve months, they have risen by almost 40 percent (38.8%) according to Verivox. "Electricity prices in Germany are at an all-time high," explained Verivox energy expert Thorsten Storck in January 2022.

Thanks to Gopili you can compare all train tickets and find the cheapest train tickets for Wiesbaden to Mannheim. You will also find other useful information: Timetables, prices, interesting offers etc.

Calendar of cheap train tickets from Wiesbaden to Mannheim

With the calendar below you can find the cheap tickets from Wiesbaden to Mannheim. All you have to do is click on the desired date and all the prices available for that day will be displayed.

Our 7 best recipes with fresh mint and 4 ingenious tricks how to keep herbs fresh for a long time

What would our food be without herbs? Probably boring. Basil, dill, parsley, mint, rosemary, thyme, sage and the list goes on.

Herbs not only spice up savory dishes, but also make a wonderful tea, in cakes, or in ice cream, for example. They just give your food the perfect taste.

If you want to use herbs sustainably, you can simply plant your supermarket-bought basil pot (or any other) in the garden or on the balcony.

Beautiful sayings are popular in all varieties: whether as a calendar, posted as a picture on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr or quickly sent a beautiful saying via Whatsapp.. Hardly anyone who is not happy about a beautiful saying. Thereby beautiful sayings can take over many functions. Sometimes it is short beautiful sayings that provide an impulse. There are beautiful sayings to think about, about love, friendship or even beautiful sayings about life itself. The bandwidth is almost limitless. We have compiled a selection of more than 200 beautiful sayings for you to reflect on – as inspiration and impetus for every occasion..

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